Oct 20, 2018 · Examine the exhibit, which shows a FortiGate device with two VDOMs: VDOM1 and VDOM2. Both VDOMs are operating in NAT/route mode. The subnet is connected to VDOM1. The subnet is connected to VDOM2. There is an inter-VDOM link between VDOM1 and VDOM2. What is required in the FortiGate configuration to route traffic betweenContinue reading

NPU VDOM Link Considerations. Hello, and thanks in advance for your time. I am working on a new project that will involve multiple VDOMs on a firewall, and I want to understand NPU VDOM links. Traditionally, I haven't been in situations to use them so haven't had to dig into this too much - have primarily used software / cpu links only. Hardware Acceleration | FortiGate / FortiOS 6.0.0 Configuring inter-VDOM link acceleration with NP6 processors FortiGate units with NP6 processors include NPU VDOM links that can be used to accelerate inter-VDOM link traffic. A FortiGate with two NP6 processors may have two NPU VDOM links, each with two interfaces: npu0_vlink (NPU VDOM link) Technical Note : Traffic acceleration on inter-VDOM links A FortiGate running FortiOS 5.0 and with VDOM enabled in NAT mode will list a new inter-VDOM links type. The new NPU based inter-VDOM link are named like: npuX-vlink0/npuX-vlink1, where X is index of the NP4 processor on the device.

Which type of VDOM link requires that both sides of the link be assigned IP address within the same subnet? NAT-to-transparent NAT-to-NAT. NAT-to-NAT. Of these options, which one is a possible reason why an administrator might not be able to gain access to a specific VDOM?

FortiGate で 2 つの VDOM を作ってルーティングする - FortiGate Virtual domains (VDOMs) are a method of dividing a FortiGate unit into two or more virtual units that function as multiple independent units. VDOMs can provide separate firewall policies and, in NAT/Route mode, completely separate configurations for routing and …

An IBM Cloud customer has deployed a virtual Fortigate through the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions offering and would like to use the Virtual Domain (VDOM) function The business requirements for this environment mandate separation (separate virtual routing instances) between manage network (deployed by default port1) and the overlay customer network.

FortiGateでは VDOM(Virtual Domain)によって、1台の Forti Gate 状に複数の仮想 Fortigate を構築することが可能です。また、複数の VDOM は、複数の物理インターフェースを束ねた LAG(Link Aggregation)インターフェースを共通で使用することが可能です。 set vdom root end end ## Delete any VDOM Links config system global config system vdom-link delete end end ## Make sure all admins are assigned to the root VDOM config system global config system admin edit set vdom root end end config vdom delete end Dec 17, 2015 · Fortigate Site to Site VPN Configuration Overview - 80c with Wizard & 60c Manual Config - Duration: 19:01. Jafer Sabir 42,757 views Alternatively, I suspect perhaps at this time I could stop using NPU VDOM Links and go to software Vdom links, although would likely suffer performance loss. Question 3: If #2 is correct, is it possible to create a switch or other mechanism such that regardless of which npu_link is used, I can maintain the same set of IPs as are used on npu1_vlink?